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We believe in culture as a driver of change in individuals, brands and society.

To design for a better future, we partner with like-minded humans to create brands, products and experiences that add value to our world.


Roee Lotan
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

Roee Lotan is the co-founding partner & creative director of Any Studios. His ability to sense meaningful connections between culture, art and fashion allows him to design striking brands that thrive within their cultural context. Born in Jerusalem, Roee is a graduate of St. Martin’s College & Bezalel Academy. He co-founded Any Studios in 2015, where he leads a multi-disciplinary team of creators in the strategic design of branding projects. His imaginative workflow leads to inspiring, evocative work for clients across the board.

Assaf Dagan
Co-Founder & Executive Strategy Director

Assaf Dagan is the co-founding partner & chief strategist of Any Studios. Well-traveled, curious, and always able to see the bigger picture, he maps the intelligent brand experiences that lay the foundation for design. Starting Any Studios after an award-winning career in Europe, Assaf’s global perspective allows him to quickly envision a brand's unique positioning and possibilities. He creates compelling brands for early-stage start-ups & established companies alike.


We're a tight-knit, multidisciplinary team of doers, thinkers and creators. From the East Coast, West Coast, Australia & Israel, we share the drive to create meaningful work.

Head of Studio
Senior Designer
Account Receivable
Copywriter / Poet
Relationship manager
Senior Designer

Any Code

The values we share keep our vision in focus. Within and outside of the studio, we create with intention and integrity.

Partners > Clients

We view clients as collaborators & value ongoing relationships where we can build—together.

Ask the hard questions

We want to know everything. In general, but specifically about our partners, projects and industries. So before, during, and after any project, we like to ask questions. Lots of them.

Seek balance

Between heart and mind, each team member’s unique perspective, and in the variety of projects we take on.

Produce less waste

The world has enough stuff. We strive to create things the world actually needs, problem-solving to use our creative powers for good.

Speak up & listen

We believe the best work comes when our team feels comfortable speaking up at any time, about anything.

Be Kind

That’s it. To everybody, always.