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We believe in culture as a driver of change in individuals, brands and society.

To design for a better future, we partner with like-minded humans to create brands, products and experiences that add value to our world.


Roee Lotan

Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

Roee creates. He believes in culture as a driver of change in individuals, brands, and society at large. Born in Jerusalem, he began his design career in London at St. Martin’s College, going on to earn a degree from Bezalel Academy before launching a creative consultancy firm in 2009. In 2015, he co-founded Any Studios as a way to apply his knowledge of global systems to user-centric design that builds iconic, lasting brands. At Any Studios, Roee oversees a talented, diverse team of designers and content creators, employing a cyclical approach to ideation: creativity inspires business goals, business goals drive creativity. His passion for systems and ability to envision meaningful connections allows him to design brands within their cultural context with the complementary strategic guidance from co-founder Assaf Dagan. Roee draws inspiration from his travels. He believes that everything deserves careful attention to detail, whether it's a building, a conversation or a pair of shoes. He is also the co-founder of As Promised Media, a quarterly Levantine culture and lifestyle magazine. As an active member of the NYC creative community, he has lectured at Parson's School of Design and was invited to judge at Tribeca Film Festival in 2019.

Assaf Dagan

Co-Founder & Executive Strategy Director

Assaf imagines. He is driven by a deep desire to understand processes. His fiercely methodical nature (and affinity for spreadsheets) fuels his ability to develop innovative experiences through strategic storytelling, adeptly navigating the space where concept and culture intersect. At Any Studios, Assaf leads the strategy team, providing crucial, high-level insight to key clients across the board. His intuitive nature allows him to quickly envision a brand's unique positioning and possibilities. By mapping intelligent brand experiences, he lays the groundwork for co-founder Roee Lotan's imaginative design workflow. Throughout his award-winning career, Assaf has worked with global leading brands. His breadth of experience within each and every step of the branding process helped form his deep-seated understanding of user-centric design. Upon moving to NYC in 2015, he joined forces with Roee Lotan—both seeing the potential in harnessing their complementary skill sets to work towards a shared vision. Assaf's guiding mission: be unstoppable. His unique career trajectory has given him the perspective that anything is possible with the right team and system. He keeps an open mind, a smile on his face and loves a good dad joke.


We are the sum of our parts: a tight-knit, multidisiplinary team of doers, thinkers and creators.


Head of Studio


Senior Designer


Senior Designer


Strategic Planner


Copywriter / Poet

Any Code

We are the sum of our parts: a tight-knit, multidisiplinary team of doers, thinkers and creators.

Partners > Clients

We view clients as collaborators & value ongoing relationships where we can build—together.

Ask the hard questions

We want to know everything. In general, but specifically about our partners, projects and industries. So before, during, and after any project, we like to ask questions. Lots of them.

Seek balance

Between heart and mind, each team member’s unique perspective, and in the variety of projects we take on.

Produce less waste

The world has enough stuff. We strive to create things the world actually needs, problem-solving to use our creative powers for good.

Speak up & listen

We believe the best work comes when our team feels comfortable speaking up at any time, about anything.

Be Kind

That’s it. To everybody, always.