How Masstige CBD Brands Can Appeal to Millennials in 2020

How Masstige CBD Brands Can Appeal to Millennials in 2020

Masstige, also known as “prestige for the masses,” has quickly emerged as the icon of affordable luxury — offering higher perceived value, high-quality and stunning packaging, all for only slightly more than you’d pay for a mass market brand. When marketed well, masstige CBD brand positioning can be hugely successful, particularly when appealing to a younger audience.

As of last year, Millennials were the generation most interested in cannabis-infused products, with health & personal care as the leading category. Combined with the fact that 43% of Millennial women say they love masstige beauty products, entering the masstige CBD market with a focus on aesthetically branded beauty products makes perfect sense.

In this article, we’ll explore the following ways CBD brands can appeal to a Millennial audience:

  • Get creative with product naming
    We’ll consider how playful naming can help reinforce your brand’s unique personality while adding an additional layer to your identity
  • Keep it bold & colorful
    We’ll dive into how a to use a bright visual identity as a tool to capture younger consumers’ attention
  • Harness the power of bite-sized education
    We’ll get into how audience education and thought leadership by way of accessible content can work to your advantage

Get creative with product naming.

While your brand name should speak to your mission and communicate your baseline brand story, don’t hold back on giving product names a playful twist. Products are much more likely to be memorable when their name boasts a branded spin. When faced with a stocked Sephora shelf, why would a savvy young consumer reach for something like “Sunblock SPF 30,” when they could own the enticing “CBD Solar Shield”?

Establish your brand name and values, then consider questions like:

Is our brand and product naming uniquely memorable?
Will the name translate well visually? How can we play off of the brand name with color and design — in our logo and beyond?
How can our product names add a layer of personality?

Keep it bold & colorful.

Capture your consumer’s eye with bright pops of color and illustrative imagery on all platforms, from social media to packaging. It’s vital to establish an eye-catching online presence — especially on mobile, where the average American spends over four hours on their smartphone every day. That’s equivalent to two months per year spent scrolling, snapping and shopping.

While premium CBD brands benefit from keeping it minimal and elevated with subtle details, masstige brands will appeal to younger consumers by keeping their visual identity approachable, relatable and fun, paired with a playful digital experience. DekoDeko’s sitefeels solidly in 2020 because of its animated iconography, bold gifs and cheeky verbal language.

Harness the power of bite-sized education.

Never assume your Instagram followers know the uses and benefits of your product. After all, CBD is a relatively new industry, and the benefits of CBD beauty products in particular are still a mystery to many. Considering Millennials’ fondness for cannabis-infused beauty & wellness, it’s crucial to drive home the clear benefits and value on the platforms they frequent most.

Enter: Instagram. Here, utilize every opportunity to educate your audience: from descriptive captions that teach followers about CBD benefits, to Instagram stories that walk them through instructive how to’s. You can then save each story as a Highlight, so your followers can refer back to them later.


For masstige CBD brands looking to capture the Millennial market’s attention, get creative with product naming, build a bold & colorful visual identity and deliver relevant, bite-sized education on the platforms they use most.

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